Telling the story of how Route 32 Designs came to be is one of my most favorite stories to tell.

It all began when Jake and I moved into our very first apartment together after finishing college. We wanted to make this apartment our home. We wanted decor that matched our modern style and loving but goofy personalities all while creating a welcoming environment for our visitors. The problem was... we were pretty "post college poor". As we shopped around we realized how expensive cute, high-quality decor can be. Here is when the bright idea of creating our own signs was born!

We decided we wanted to create affordable signs that will help turn anyone's house into a home. Your home is your safe place where you can express your deepest passions, wildest dreams, and happiest memories. We are honored to work with you to create a piece you love and brings joy every time you see your sign hanging on the wall. 


Thank you for reading our story

Danielle + Jake